Share and Preserve Your Work

Do you have articles, chapters, conference presentations, curricular materials, or other work that you would like to keep in one place and make accessible? 

Consider Deep Blue Documents, our digital repository for research, teaching, and creative work at the University of Michigan. Once your work is deposited in Deep Blue, we’ll preserve it and provide you with permanent links to share your items. 

The library also provides Deep Blue Data, a repository specifically for sharing and preserving your research data.

Why share my work in a repository?

Adding your work to a digital repository like Deep Blue Documents helps make sure your work is openly available, accessible, and preserved in a stable place —  whether it’s a slide deck, syllabi, article preprint, or related documents. 

In a repository, your academic work will generally receive:

  • A stable URL, called a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which you can share with others or post to social media, your personal website, and more. You won’t have to worry about broken links, or migrating and re-posting your work to a new web page if you move to a new institution.
  • Indexing by Google and Google Scholar, which makes your work more discoverable by others.
  • Statistics about usage and engagement with your work, including download counts and alternative metrics.

When you move your scholarship out from behind paywalls and preserve it for the future, you may find that your research profile is elevated as your works become more discoverable. 

To get in touch, visit Deep Blue Documents and select Contact Us from the menu.