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You’ve done the research, analysis, and writing. Next, amplify the visibility, reach, and impact of your scholarly work to readers across the globe in partnership with Michigan Publishing Services and University of Michigan Press.

Take advantage of services that span from editorial and production to sales.

Publishing Services

Michigan Publishing Services can help you — U-M faculty, staff member, or student — achieve your publishing ambition.

Check out our suite of publishing-related services to help develop, produce, and push your book, journal, digital project, conference volume, and other publications out to the world. 

Bring us your idea, and we’ll help bring it to life. Contact us at

University of Michigan Press

University of Michigan Press offers a rigorous, scholarly, peer-reviewed process to publish your book in the humanities or social science fields, as well as books about English language teaching or regional resources.

Whether you’re writing a scholarly monograph, a textbook, or a title of regional interest, you’ll know that the high standards of the Press will assure a successful book launch. 

Opt for open access or traditional book publishing. Read our details for authors and prospective authors.

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