Share and Preserve your Data

If you conduct research at U-M, you might be interested in Deep Blue Data, the library’s repository for sharing and preserving research data.

Why share my research data?

Sharing the datasets that underlie your research can help you gain visibility for your work and comply with funding agency requirements. It can also:

  • Help people understand and trust your research findings
  • Encourage new research and discovery by enabling others to reuse your data 
  • Make it easier for people to cite your data and give you credit for your work
  • Further demonstrate your research impact and productivity through metrics other than traditional journal citations
Sharing and preserving data is made easier if it is planned for early. If you are still developing your data, see Make a Data Management Plan.

How we'll work with you

We can help you:

  • Address data sharing requirements of funding agencies or publishers
  • Prepare, upload, and deposit your data into a suitable repository, whether it’s the library-supported Deep Blue Data or one hosted externally
  • Provide guidance on documentation or metadata to help someone to find, understand, trust, or use your data
  • Consider your data preservation needs and steps to address them

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Find other data sharing resources

If you are seeking to publish your research data in an open access repository that’s subject-specific, there are many to choose from. Find the one that’s right for you by searching re3data and OpenDOAR directories.

Our guide to finding, managing, and sharing research data offers more information.

Make your articles, reports, and other findings accessible too! The library provides Deep Blue Documents for you to share and preserve your work.