Papyrology: Publication Permissions and Copyright

Publication Permissions

Scholars may request publication permissions for unpublished texts by contacting us via

Newly granted publication permissions are exclusive and will remain valid for five years. Assigned texts that have not been published by the end of the five-year term will again be made freely available to the papyrological community. Extensions of the five-year term may be granted under exceptional circumstances, but require reapplication. All such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Note: This policy will not be applied retroactively. Current reservations will not be affected.

Publication permissions automatically extend to related images. Published images should be credited “Image digitally reproduced with the permission of the Papyrology Collection, University of Michigan Library.” Publication-quality images will be provided free of charge.

In order to encourage collegiality and cooperation, information on text assignments will be given freely upon request. By receiving permission to publish a Michigan papyrus, you agree that the Papyrology Collection may share your name and contact information with other scholars who might wish to communicate with you about texts upon which you are working.

Full-size images of unpublished, unassigned texts have now been made fully available through the Michigan APIS database (previously these images were provided only upon request). Images of unpublished but assigned texts, however, will remain restricted.

For questions or concerns please contact Brendan Haug, archivist of the Papyrology Collection at


The images made available on this site by the University of Michigan Papyrology Collection as part of the Advanced Papyrological Information System are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

This means that you are allowed to download images made available on this website for whatever purpose as long as you attribute the University of Michigan Papyrology Collection as the source for the image. Each image should be credited and should be accompanied, if possible, by the Michigan Inventory Number of the document. Digital publications should also link the citation for the University of Michigan Papyrology Collection to our permanent URL at:

Sample credit:

Image digitally reproduced with the permission of the Papyrology Collection, University of Michigan Library.

Under this license, the U-M Papyrology Collection does not charge a fee for the use of the available public domain images in commercial print and online publications as long as the Papyrology Collection is credited as the source for the image. Upon request, the Papyrology Collection is able to provide higher resolution images than the ones provided on this website, but depending on the request, this may require an additional fee to cover staff time.

The availability of the papyrus images online is the direct result of financial support from the National Endowment of the Humanities (1996-2006), the U-M Library (ongoing), and the generosity of private donors. The continued and expanding online presence of the Papyrology Collection is only possible with continued financial support. Please consider making a donation to the University of Michigan Papyrus Collection if you are using images provided on this website for commercial or other purposes.

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Last modified: 07/14/2015