Papyrology: How to Find and Access Items

Search Papyri (APIS)

You can search for papyri in our collection through our database, which is known as APIS (Advanced Papyrological Information System).

Requests for Images

If you are interested in a papyrus fragment for which there is no image (or if the image is inadequate), you can email We will try to handle image requests in a timely manner, though if no image has been made of a papyrus, or if the papyrus needs conservation work, it may take several weeks.

Reference Books

A small collection of reference books and catalogs are housed in the Papyrology office, 807 Hatcher Graduate Library. These are available for consultation Monday-Friday, 11 am - 5 pm. and can be searched online using the advanced search feature of U-M Library Catalog Search and narrowing to U-M Ann Arbor Libraries, Hatcher Graduate, Papyrology (as illustrated below). Editions of papyri are organized according to the abbreviation which is most frequently used in the scholarly literature, not according to call number. (e.g. P.Cair.Zen.P.Mich.P.Oxy., SB)

narrow search to u-m ann arbor libraries hatcher graduate papyrology

Additionally, you can search our reference books that have been digitized and included in HathiTrust.  Items still in copyright can only be searched for words or phrases, but you can also browse for out-of-copyright materials by clicking the "Only Full View" tab, which currently includes 222 items.

Acquisition Reports

Papyrology acquisition reports are organized by date.

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Last modified: 06/28/2018