Our Services

We provide up to 100 numbered pages or 2 archival folders per calendar month free of charge for all duplication that can be handled in-house.  

Requests are evaluated and approved based on material format, physical condition, and any applicable restrictions.

Straightforward requests for basic-quality images takes about 2 weeks to process. 

High-quality images or other complicated requests take longer. We’ll update you on the status of such requests once we begin to process it.

Interested in having an entire item digitized? See how to request digitization with HathiTrust.

Limitations and possible fees

We are currently unable to accept requests for high-quality images of bound material, oversized material, and oddly shaped items.  

If we are not able to complete a request in-house based on the condition of the materials and the best judgment of our staff, we may charge a fee to send it for duplication elsewhere. We would notify you of these cost estimates (typically $25–50 per image) before any work is done or fees are charged.

We reserve the right to impose total limits on duplication requests if fulfillment impacts our ability to provide effective and equitable service to all researchers.