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Our item pick up or delivery services, as well as scans of print materials, are available for all patrons. 

If you have a qualifying disability that prevents you from reading or using print materials, we will work to get an accessible copy of any item you wish to use from the library.

Contact Stephanie Rosen at to request an accessible electronic copy of any item. This includes access to electronic scans of any items in HathiTrust

You can also request scans of print items in our collection and make a note in your request if you qualify and need more than one chapter.

If you encounter an electronic document on our website that you are not able to access in its current format, you may also request an accessible copy or contact us directly at


To use these services, you must be certified by a competent authority as being unable to read or use standard print material as a result of your disability. This may include the following conditions:

  • Having a visual disability in which your corrective lenses prevent you from reading printed material.
  • Having a physical disability that prevents you from using printed material.
  • Having a reading disability that prevents you from reading printed material.

Who determines eligibility? 

At the University of Michigan, the following two offices are the best starting point if you have a disability and would benefit from these and other accommodations.

These offices maintain confidentiality and work with other competent authorities such as doctors, nurses, and therapists.

Librarians may determine eligibility in some cases.

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