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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility

We strive to develop and nurture the skills that will allow us to manifest diversity as engagement, innovation, and above all, respect for all individuals. These skills are vital to the library, which offers its wide-ranging and diverse content, services, and expertise to the entire U-M community and beyond. We seek out and celebrate diversity in all of its forms, and more importantly, we embrace it as an organizational priority.

The library has a long history of actively engaging in diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility work, which is vital to the overall success of an academic research library. The tenets of diversity are infused into all aspects of our work, and particularly in our:

Collections: Our vast collection reflects global diversity, and we strive to ensure that researchers and learners are able to access the information it holds in deep and culturally aware ways.

Services: Library services are aimed at meeting researchers and learners where they are, and help library users to connect real-world experiences to our collections and resources.

Spaces: Both physical and virtual spaces of the library must be accessible, welcoming and affirming to all. Barriers to inclusion, once identified, are eliminated.

Human Talent: To create and maintain a positive and inclusive climate and culture within the library we invite all library staff to participate in diversity-focused professional development training and activities.

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Last modified: 03/28/2017