Request for Digitization Service

Request for Digitization (RFD) is a service offered by the Digital Conversion Unit. RFD replaces the Digitization on Demand (DOD) service previously offered through the Interlibrary Loan Department.

  • The RFD service is FREE. The costs for patron requests to digitize UM books are now covered by the Michigan Digitization Project (MDP), as these serve as an alternate means of selecting books for MDP. However, all requests will be reviewed by our staff and librarians, and are subject to the timelines of our current MDP workflow. Requests should be limited to no more than four volumes per patron per month.
  • How to place requests: RFD requests can be placed through this Online Form. Please provide as much information about the volume as possible (title, author, publication year, edition, link to the item in our catalog) along with your contact information.
  • Review: Each request will be reviewed to determine what, if any, limiting factors exist (amount of material requested; physical size or condition; rarity; copyright; amount of work already in the digitization queue; if the volume(s) are available online already).
  • Turnaround: Once approved, the volume(s) are added to our existing MDP workflow, which normally takes 2-3 months to complete. Materials are digitized according to our local specifications.
  • Delivery: The digitized volume(s) will appear as searchable image files in our digital repository, HathiTrust. Requestors will be sent a link to the volume(s) once they have become available. Alternate arrangements may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. The Digital Conversion Unit reserves the right to delay or terminate a request as needed.
For further information, please contact Lara Unger.
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Last modified: 06/28/2018