Illustration showing the visualization of a network

Data Visualization

Data visualization is a rich and diverse set of practices, methodologies, and tools, ranging from hand drawn charts to interactive web maps to immersive 3-D environments.  The Library offers open workshops (on specific tools and basic principles), in-course instruction, individual consultations, and help finding appropriate data sets.  We also have advanced hardware and software configurations including the Vis Hubs (high powered machines with 84 inch 4K displays) located in Shapiro and the Duderstadt Center. The Hubs in the Duderstadt Center are reservable and the Hub in Shapiro will be reserverable this fall. We offer visualization services at multiple locations throughout campus.

Visualization Services

General Information

We are happy to help point you to the right resources and technology in the library and across campus. You can contact us at and we can connect you with our services and librarians.

We also offer a variety of open workshops (please note that in the summer months there are often few to no workshops listed).

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Last modified: 03/07/2018