Korean Studies

The Korean studies collection, in various formats from both South Korea and North Korea, covers subjects in social sciences and humanities, with strengths in history and literature. We’ve expanded the collection to encompass primary research materials in anthropology, communication, economics, education, film, language, religion, sports, and popular culture, including K-pop and Korean Wave.

Extensive electronic resources are available, including major Korean online full-text articles, journals, e-books, news archives, quantitative and qualitative data, and databases, such as DBpia, Korean Studies Information Service System, Kyobo Scholar, E-article, New Nonmun, and RISS International

As a member of the Korean Collections Consortium of North America, we also collect in the subject areas of historiography, democratization, reunification questions, labor relations, auto industry, publications on Korea and Korean published in Japan, and publications on Korea and Korean published in Detroit and the Midwest.

The collection is constantly expanding to meet the instructional and research needs of the Korean studies community.

Aerial view of rooftops in a traditional village in South Korea during sunset.


Yunah Sung's Photo
Yunah Sung

Korean Studies Librarian & Project Manager