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The Clark Library hosts exhibits that have included art work, maps, and other materials that provide unique perspectives on the history, geography, and cultures of the world. These exhibits draw heavily from the library's collections, and often engage students in their creation and curation.

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Current Exhibit

Poster for event showing a photograph of a man with just his head above water

Sinking Cities:  Documenting the realities of climate change in cities around the world

By the end of the century oceans are predicted to rise between .3 and 2.5 meters. This will result in major flooding in coastal cities around the world. The Sinking Cities Project aims to document this inundation through the stories of residents and the changing landscape of their cities. This exhibition provides a platform to begin understanding the effects of rising sea levels along the coasts of Indonesia, Bangladesh, The Netherlands, Italy and the United States.

When: November 16, 2018 - February 28, 2019

Where: the Stephen S. Clark Library

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If you have a question about an exhibit or are interested in collaborating with the Clark on an exhibit, please email our exhibit coordinator at .

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Last modified: 11/14/2018