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The Clark Library hosts exhibits that have included art work, maps, and other materials that provide unique perspectives on the history, geography, and cultures of the world. These exhibits draw heavily from the library's collections, and often engage students in their creation and curation.

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Current Exhibits

Bookmarks: Speculating the Futures of the Book and Library

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A multi-venue exhibition of site-specific installations, performances, interventions, and events by University of Michigan faculty, staff, and students, Bookmarks: Speculating the Futures of the Book and Library is curated by Guna Nadarajan, dean of the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan, in partnership with the University of Michigan Library. The exhibition will be located in several locations within Shapiro Undergraduate Library, Hatcher Graduate Library, and the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library.

The continued proliferation of digital formats and systems for the embodiment, distribution, and delivery of knowledge increasingly displace the book as form. As a result, the spacial limitations of libraries are challenged. The value of the book and the function of the library demand cultural attention. In this moment, we ask ourselves: what is the future of the library? What is the future of the book? This exhibition seeks to instigate and showcase creative responses to the challenges to the book and the library in the forms we have inherited as well as to project ways of reimagining futures for/of books and libraries.

Disorder on the Border

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A Clark Library Art Installation in Conjunction with the Stamps School of Art & Design Exhibition - Bookmarks: Speculating the Futures of the Book and Library

By Erin Platte and Tim Utter

Disorder on the Border explores the wonder, beauty, and variety of maps, and what happens when, through a lack of organizing structures, we cross over the map’s orderly borders and begin the fall into the abyss of disorder. 

When: March 26, 2019 - May 26, 2019

Where: the Stephen S. Clark Library

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