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Last updated: August 31, 2020

An extensive collection of online materials is available to you if you’re a current U-M affiliate, and there’s a variety of ways to ensure you can take advantage of our library subscriptions from anywhere.

We provide a number of services to get you access to items that are not available online.

Access online resources

You can keep reading and researching, no matter where you are. Your U-M credentials serve as an all-access pass to our online resources.

Start your search on our website or in Library Search. Current students, faculty, and staff should follow the regular login prompt for access.

Maximize your access

HathiTrust is offering temporary emergency access to its digital copies of works in the U-M Library collection.

Use the Library Access browser extension for quick access to online library resources. It automatically detects when you are on a website that contains content the library subscribes to and will prompt you to log in with your U-M credentials.

You can also check whether you can get full access to content you find online by adding a special type of bookmark to your web browser called a Proxy Server Bookmarklet, which will detect whether there’s a U-M Library subscription for it.

Use U-M's Virtual Private Network (VPN) with the UMVPN–All Traffic profile selected to securely connect to the university's network and use the library remotely while off-campus.

Some publishers are providing expanded access to online resources during COVID-19. See our list in Library Search.

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