Diversity Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan for diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, in alignment with the university’s process, is built around long-term visionary goals for each of the university’s four planning domains.

Recruitment, retention, and development

Our programs to attract, develop, retain, and support a diverse workforce will be a model in the realm of research libraries. We will also bolster campus diversity-focused student recruitment and retention by serving as a support and resource.

Education and scholarship

We will be the go-to resource for trusted and culturally inclusive information and research and technology support for the U-M community. We will develop a deep understanding of the creative power that lies at the intersection of cultures, ways of thought, and academic disciplines.

Equity, inclusion, and accessibility

We will offer physical and virtual spaces that welcome all people and serve as a second academic home for all students. We will also expand our capacity to advance inclusive and collaborative academic work to enhance the student experience.

Service and leadership

We will provide services that meet each individual at the place from which they arrive ― culturally, socially, and academically. Our leadership in diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility will be recognized by the campus and by our peer institutions, just as they now recognize our leadership and excellence in the realm of research libraries.

Strategic plan update

The 2021-22 academic year marked the conclusion of the library's 5-year strategic plan, known as DEI 1.0. It also marked the beginning of a year-long evaluation process to assess the content and actions from DEI 1.0.

Findings from the evaluation period will help guide a year-long planning phase for the library's next DEI strategic plan, which will happen in alignment with the university's process (DEI 2.0). The second 5-year initiative will launch in October of 2023.

Read about the progress we made in our DEI 1.0 Story.