Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

We aspire to high levels of intercultural competence to serve our community and actively work to ensure that tenets of diversity and antiracism influence all aspects of our work, including as it relates to our:

  • Collections: Our collection is vast and encompasses a range of languages, perspectives, and modes of thought, from the ancient world to the present. We aim to ensure that researchers and learners can access all of this information and content in thoughtful and culturally aware ways.
  • Services: Our library services are aimed at meeting researchers and learners where they are, and helping them make connections between their real-world experiences and our collections and resources.
  • Spaces: Physical and virtual library spaces must be accessible, welcoming, and affirming to all. We actively seek to identify and eliminate barriers to inclusion.
  • People: To create and maintain a positive and inclusive climate and culture, we use candidate-centered hiring practices, encourage all library staff to participate in diversity-focused professional development training and activities, and focus on equity during promotion processes.

Read more about our strategy in the library's diversity strategic plan.

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