David S Carter

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2216 LSA
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0320
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Video Game Archivist & Reference Librarian


David S. Carter is a librarian at the University of Michigan Library, where he serves as a coordinator for Reference Services; librarian for the Computer & Video Game Archive; and selector for Comics & Graphic Novels. From 2002-2013 Dave was the library's liaison and subject specialist for electrical engineering and computer science.


Dave was previously the Director of the Internet Public Library (IPL) and a Lecturer at the University of Michigan's School of Information, where he taught classes on digital librarianship and on information resources in the sciences. Dave previously served as Head of Collection Development for the IPL and was involved with numerous initiatives regarding collecting and cataloging Internet resources from a service perspective. Prior to that, Dave was the Reference Coordinator for IPL, where he helped establish the first reference question service available to the general public in an Internet setting. Dave has worked with the Alliance for Community Technology (ACT) and librarians with the American Indian Higher Education Council (AIHEC) in setting up an AIHEC Virtual Library. Dave has also done contract work with a major automobile manufacturer, helping that company establish a Web-based Intranet system. Before helping found the IPL, Dave worked as a Library Associate at the University of Michigan Engineering Library, where he performed reference services, did collection development, and helped initiate the library's World-Wide Web services. In addition to being a librarian, Dave is also trained as an electrical engineer, specializing in optics and radiowaves.