Jocilyn Wagner

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1 Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Receiving Specialist, Arrivals and Activations Unit, Acquisitions Section, Technical Services Department


As a copy-cataloging clerk in Print Acquisitions, I arrive and process monographic firm, approval and standing orders.  I specialize in Chinese, Japanese and Korean materials processing and routing between Technical Services and Asia Library.  Additionally, I focus on receiving single-item or small package shipments for rush processing, compact discs and DVDs for the Music Library, as well as comics and graphic novels for the Arts, Architecture and Engineering Library. I have recently been asked to assist with gift selection for the Spectrum Center's Jim Toy Library.

I'm excited to be currently serving on the Library Diversity Council and helping to facilitate the MoSAIC (Movies, Supper And Insightful Conversation) discussion group. In the past I have served on the Library Operations Green Team, as well as the MLibrary Future Information Graduates Project/Initiative.


I am nearing completion of my coursework as a Masters of Library Science candidate at Wayne State University.  I hold degrees in English Literature and Japanese Language and Literature from Western Michigan University. During my time at Western, I participated in study abroad, focusing on Buddhist Studies at Taisho Daigaku in Tokyo.