Phillip Han

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2 Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Head of Library Facilities


Phillip is the Facilities Manager for the Library Systems and is responsible for major and minor construction, renovation and maintenance projects in the library system.  Phillip also facilitates any departmental upgrade requests.  He also works closely with the Regions, Construction Services, AEC, OSEH, DPS and Building Serivces. 

Our Library Facilities team consists of 8 employees and we are here to help provide a safe, secure, comfortable and functional environment within the more than 900,000 square feet of physical library facilities on central, north and south campuses and peripheral areas.  We are here to help employees and library users with any facility related issues, and we coordinate personnel and facility moves, upgrades, repairs, sustainabilitiy and ADA compliance issues.


Phillip holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hospitality Business from Michigan State University, with related work experience in hospitality, management, facilities maintenance, warehouse operations and customer service.

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