Mike Furlough

Executive Director of Hathi Trust

HathiTrust · Library Administration







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Mike Furlough

Executive Director of Hathi Trust

HathiTrust · Library Administration

About me

I am the Executive Director of HathiTrust.   We are supported by over 200 academic and research institutions working to transform scholarship and research in the 21st century. HathiTrust members  a trusted digital repository holding more than 18 million volumes, digitized from partner library collections around the world. The repository has become a unique preservation and access platform, supporting cutting-edge initiatives in copyright research,  computational research (the HathiTrust Research Center), a broad effort to expand access to US federal government documents, and a distributed print archive.

My research has focused on how libraries and universities develop organizational support for emerging scholarly communication practices, and I have presented work at the Digital Library Federation, the American Association of University Presses, the Charleston Conference, the Bloomsbury Conference, Educause, IFLA and other venues.  From 2011-2013 I served as faculty for the ARL/DLF/Duraspace E-Science Institute.  After joining the University of Virginia Library in 1997 I developed and led services supporting digital humanities research, including  the Scholar’s Lab.  From 2006-2014 I served as Associate Dean for Research and Scholarly Communications at Penn State University Libraries, where I led content stewardship services that support the life cycle of scholarly production.