Mike Furlough

Executive Director of Hathi Trust

HathiTrust · Library Administration





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Mike Furlough

Executive Director of Hathi Trust

HathiTrust · Library Administration

About me

I am the Executive Director of HathiTrust.  Our partnership includes over 150 academic and research institutions working to transform scholarship and research in the 21st century. The partnering institutions currently support n a trusted digital repository of more than 17 million volumes, digitized from partner library collections and other sources. The repository has become a unique preservation and access platform, supporting cutting-edge initiatives in copyright research,  computational research (the HathiTrust Research Center), a broad effort to expand access to US federal government documents, and a distributed print archive.

My research has focused on how libraries and universities develop organizational support for emerging scholarly communication practices, and I have presented work at the Digital Library Federation Forum, the American Association of University Presses, the Charleston Conference, the Bloomsbury Conference, Educause, IFLA and other venues. among others.  Getting the Word Out: Academic Libraries as Scholarly Publishers, which I co-edited with Maria Bonn, was published by the Association of College and Research Libraries in 2015. From 2011-2013 I served as faculty for the ARL/DLF/Duraspace E-Science Institute. 

I previously studied English and American Literature at the University of Virginia, earning a Master’s Degree. After joining the University of Virginia Library in 1997 I led the GeoStat lab, initiating support for GIS in digital humanities research, and later led planning for and development of the Scholar’s Lab.  From 2006-2014 I served as Associate Dean for Research and Scholarly Communications at Penn State University Libraries, where I led content stewardship services that support the life cycle of scholarly production.