Alan M Steele

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110 Buhr Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-3213
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After working as a scan operator for Google I joined the library in 2006. At Buhr Library I moved books and supported the office. I did various jobs at Buhr from book moves to office work. I began working at Hatcher Graduate Library in 2014.


I split my time between stacks and the mail room. In the morings I'm in the stacks office and the afternoon the mail room. I sort and ship mail and packages through various services from USPS to UPS. Also I make library to library deliveries on a daily basis. Which is from books to materials and furniture. I also make the drop offs to Property Dispo, and other various things to help out facilities. I can help you with getting deliveries to and from libraries and mailing or shipping items.

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