The specialized and diverse nature of the research conducted and partnerships developing at NCRC require customized services for the individuals and entities residing there.  A team of librarians with specific subject area knowledge along with advanced and specialized information skills, informationists, will be embedded at NCRC to collaborate with and support the research cores and clusters, and the groups involved with public-private partnerships.  In a complex university environment, the informationists will serve as a connector to both resources and people to help NCRC achieve its goals. Currently, the informationists working with NCRC include:

Marci Brandenburg Bioinformationist Bioinformatics, molecular and cellular biology
Marisa Conte Translational Research Librarian Clinical informatics, laboratory and medicine
Judy Smith NCRC Liaison Librarian Interdisciplinary searching, Health Management and Policy, Private-Public partnerships
Jean Song Research and Informatics Coordinator Biostatistics

The informationists work with other subject specialist librarians throughout MLibrary and elsewhere on campus to ensure that the wide range of NCRC’s interdisciplinary information needs are met.

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