Mission and Goals


About the Library: The NCRC Library is a discipline neutral location where NCRC faculty, students, and staff can gather to collaborate and share information or conduct their research from small molecule science to broad market based analyses.

Mission: To provide innovative library services to overcome the traditional barriers to translational and interdisciplinary research, meet the information needs of academic and industry partners, and support the strategic growth of NCRC and the university.


  • Integrate information resources and services into the work of NCRC units
  • Facilitate collaboration among NCRC populations whenever possible
  • Offer seamless delivery of MLibrary resources and services
  • Increase access for all residents housed at NCRC to MLibrary resources and services by collaboration and negotiation with vendors and campus partners
  • Explore shared licensing models for bioinformatics information resources
  • Provide a diverse range of learning opportunities
  • Implement continuous assessment of resources, services, and information needs
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