Other Libraries and Collections

Discover libraries and collections of interest that are independent of our system.

Archival libraries

  1. Bentley Historical Library

    Official university archive and other materials supporting state historical research. Find Bentley Library items.

  2. Original resources for the study of American history and culture from the 15th to early 20th centuries. Find Clements Library items.

  3. Presidential library holding materials on government affairs during the Cold War era. The 1974–77 presidential papers of Gerald Ford and his White House staff form the core collection.

Arts and humanities

  1. Classical Studies Departmental Library

    Books, journals, recent commentaries, and major reference works in classical studies, along with work space. Restricted access.

  2. Screenplays and films in a variety of formats that support the LSA Department of Film, Television, and Media (FTVM). Partial restricted access.

  3. Books, journals, and monographs relating to the museum's collections and to the study of the ancient world more broadly. Restricted access. Most items are duplicates of those held by U-M Library.

  4. Collection of foreign language materials, including feature films,  to support learning in over 60 languages.

  5. Historic and contemporary Black culture periodicals, art books, fiction, and poetry, open to anyone with an interest in Africa, the African diaspora, social change, cultural exploration, and more.

  6. Books, films, and journals on topics related to social identity, multiculturalism, intergroup relations, and social justice.

  7. Monographs and journal subscriptions that support the study of philosophy.

  8. Images of art, architecture, and artifacts from all eras and geographic regions of cultural history are available to support teaching the history of art.

Business, economics, and law

  1. Kresge Library Services

    Serves the research, instruction and curriculum needs of the faculty, students and staff of the Ross School of Business.

  2. Comprehensive collection for legal research that covers all time periods and jurisdictions and includes U.S. depository materials. Restricted access.

  3. Covers careers, leadership, and education; aspects of women’s lives from parenting to finance to self-employment; women in higher education; women and the economy, and more.

  4. Books on economics and related topics, including dissertations completed in the Department of Economics. Restricted access.

Data and social research

  1. Consulting for Statistics, Computing & Analytics Research (CSCAR)

    Collection encompasses research, statistics, and analysis. Find CSCAR items.

  2. Data collections, data management, curation, and sharing. Disseminates data to researchers, students, policymakers, and journalists around the world.

Health and medicine

  1. Eisenberg Family Depression Center

    The Eisenberg Family Depression Center (EFDC) supports high-impact research on depression and bipolar disorders and provides a variety of outreach and education resources.

  2. Clinical ophthalmology, as well as basic sciences and general medicine, is covered with monographs, CDs, DVDs, and an extensive journal collection.

  3. A comprehensive collection of print and audiovisual resources on all aspects of cardiovascular health and wellness.

  4. A wealth of online resources approved by Michigan Medicine clinicians. Browse by topic or medical service.

Beyond Ann Arbor

  1. Mardigian Library (Dearborn)

    Collections and services that support the teaching and research needs of the students, staff and faculty of the UM-Dearborn campus.

  2. Collections and services that support the teaching and research needs of the students, staff and faculty of the UM-Flint campus. Find Thompson Library items.