Clements Library Location Information

Clements Library
909 S. University Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
Phone Number

(734) 764-2347

Fax Number

(734) 647-0716


No public parking is available at the Library. A limited amount of metered parking may be found opposite the Library on Tappan Street. The nearest public parking ramps are located at South Forest Street, Maynard Street, Fletcher Street, and Thayer Street. Each is about four blocks from the Library, although that on Forest is probably the most convenient. The Library is located at 909 South University Avenue on the south side of the “Diag” on the Central Campus of the University of Michigan. The Library is flanked by the house of the President and by the Shapiro Undergraduate Library and from behind by the Hatcher Graduate Library, the tallest building on the Diag. The Law Quadrangle and Martha Cook dormitory are across the street.


The entrance for researchers is at the north side of the Library, facing the south side of Hatcher Graduate Library.