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A Great Library for a Great University

Imagine the university without the library. Put simply, it can't be done. The library is essential to the fulfillment of the university’s mission. And while that mission remains the same, how the library supports "creating, communicating, preserving and applying knowledge, art, and academic values" encompasses more than you might expect.

For example, the library is the only place on campus where a student can explore her own model of a multiverse in a virtual reality environment; where a scholar can make entirely new discoveries within our archival materials; or where the entire university community has access to the advanced technological facilities that enable work like the fabrication of an experimental trachea that saved the life of a baby.

It’s no small thing to preserve and provide access to the record of human knowledge while also providing cutting edge technologies and expertise to the entire campus community. But it’s what the library was built for: to safeguard the past, look to future, and provide for the present.

With every donation — from a $10 online donation to a $10 million transformational gift — you invest in the library’s enduring work, and open doors to discovery today and for the many generations of scholars yet to be born.

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Last modified: 02/12/2019