Wish List

We continue to build our collections to support research and instruction, and appreciate donor contributions that allow for the acquisition of special items on our wish list.

To help us acquire an item from the list below, contact us at

$20,000 and above

Deanship of the University of Michigan Library endowment
$5 million

The U-M Library is in a period of rapid growth as it adapts to the changing needs of users. Endowing the deanship helps us continue to explore new ways of providing the finest content, access, and expertise.

Head, Special Collections Research Center endowment
$2.5 million

Endowing this position is a crucial step to ensure that the Special Collections Research Center has the leadership and expertise necessary to maintain its prominence and relevance for students and researchers.

Director, Taubman Health Sciences Library endowment
$2.5 million

A gift to endow and name the directorship of the Taubman Health Sciences Library will support the top-level leadership needed for delivering high-quality health and biomedical information services to U-M's academic health sciences schools, basic and clinical research systems, bioinformatics and clinical translational science departments, the U-M Health System, and also keep our library on the leading edge of academic health sciences libraries.

Named and renovated spaces
$100,000 and up

Spaces throughout the library that support a range of disciplines and activities are awaiting renovation. Choose a space that supports and enhances scholarship in any area of interest to you. Your support will help students and faculty advance the university's mission.

Anatomage Table, 81" convertible (horizontal or vertical)

Replace the out-of-warranty Anatomage Table located in the Taubman Health Sciences Library. The current table has been used extensively since it was acquired in 2015 — for academic use; field trips for local elementary, middle, high school, and home-schooled classes; and demos for numerous special guests, including alumni, deans, and directors from universities around the world.

$5,000 to $19,999

Make a U-M Press disciplinary book series fully open access
$15,000 – $30,000

The U-M Press publishes series in many areas of interest, especially political science, disability studies, poets and poetry, classical studies, and performing arts. Most series publish two to three books each year. This gift would enable a U-M Press editor to publish a book series open access for one year. When you enable the open-access publishing of a disciplinary book series, you'll be acknowledged in every book within the series that the gift enabled and in publicity about those books. Additional opportunities exist to endow a named book series or disciplinary theme area.

Study carrel project
$10,000 per carrel

Your gift will make it possible for us to outfit one study carrel in the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library with new carpeting, fresh paint, a reading lamp, and a comfortable chair. These special carrels are highly sought after by students, who can reserve them for a week or more at a time. In appreciation of your generosity, we’ll install a plaque featuring your name on the wall outside the carrel.

Enable a U-M Press author to publish their book open access
$5,000 – $10,000

When an e-book is made available free of charge, it relieves students of the burden of textbook costs, enables access for scholars, and dramatically expands global readership. In appreciation of your funding an open-access title, you'll be acknowledged within the book and in publicity about the book.

Digital Preservation Lab residency

Sponsor a graduate or undergraduate student to support the work of our Digital Preservation Lab for a semester. This allows us to introduce the profession to a new generation, while increasing the library's ability to convert legacy media and ensure scholarly access to information. Materials include a variety of formats from floppy disks to legacy hard drives. In appreciation of your generosity, the semester-long position can be named in honor of you or a loved one (e.g., the Jane Doe Resident in Digital Preservation).

$2,000 to $4,999

Conservation light bleaching station

Light bleaching is a technique used by conservators to gently lighten discolored paper or reduce stains on maps, prints, and other documents. A light-bleaching station in the Conservation Lab, using light banks designed for indoor plant culture, would allow safe, controlled treatment, even in the depths of a Michigan winter.

Personal Paradigms: A Game of Human Experience

Flying Fish Press published this artist's book by Julie Chen in 2004, which would complement holdings in our Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library Special Collections. It's an interactive experience for the reader in the form of a game that is played with the results then recorded in a collaborative ledger book. The object of the game focuses on the player's own life experience and perceptions at the moment that the game is being played. Game components, housed in a 15.5 x 11.25 x 4.75" cloth-covered box, include a letterpress-printed game board that opens to 21 x 30" and a multitude of laser-cut game pieces. Edition of 100. 

$1,000 to $1,999

The Illuminated Fightbook: Royal Armouries Manuscript I.33
$1,200 (Royal Armouries edition)

Richly illustrated, depicting a priest instructing a scholar in a system of combat with sword and shield, and with text and verse in Latin and German, this title would complement the library's strength in collecting early modern military history. Published in London by Extraordinary Editions, 2011, it includes 2 volumes, a 68 page facsimile, and a 128 page companion. 

$100 to $999

HoverCam Solo 8Plus Document Camera

This document camera would be extremely useful for teaching and outreach, allowing us to project on a large screen digital images of historical artifacts such as papyri, manuscripts, rare books, and archival material. It also works as a video and lesson recorder with a microphone to capture sound, so it's ideal for both in-person and online classes. We currently need two document cameras for use across the library, particularly in the Special Collections Research Center, the Papyrology Collection, and Preservation and Conservation.

Computer and video games and equipment

The Art, Architecture and Engineering Library continues to seek any games, and the equipment on which they were played, for our Computer and Video Game Archive.