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Discover digitized images, texts, and more from libraries and museums across campus and the region. You can use the collections for teaching, learning, research, and scholarship.

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In addition, we have several Michigan-based digitized newspapers — including the Michigan Daily, Michigan Citizen, and Detroit Jewish News — and the Middle English Compendium.

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About our service

Our digital collections preserve and provide access to our partners’ collected and curated physical materials.

We work in our own library — namely with Asia Library, Clark Library, and the Special Collections Research Center — and with campus partners such as Bentley Historical Library, William L. Clements Library, and university museums to build digital collections. We also collaborate with other U-M units interested in digitizing and hosting their materials in a digital collection. Read our blog — The Digital Collections Files — to learn more about what we do in the digital collections service.

Access to certain statistics about our digital collections is public in our usage and size statistics

Note our take-down policy for sensitive information in our digital collections and our library’s digital preservation policy.

Black background with blue x-rays of five coiled up reptiles

Oscaecilia / Ochrocephala from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, Reptiles and Amphibians Radiographs.