Library launches campus-wide survey

November 10, 2023

The U-M Library has launched a campus-wide survey to gather information about the community's experiences and needs regarding its collections, services, and spaces. The information will help inform the future direction of the library, said Craig Smith, the library's assessment specialist.

“The data we collect will allow us to put our diverse groups of users at the center of our planning," Smith said. "For example, it could lead to changes to spaces that are confusing or inaccessible, or to the further development of in-person and online services to address unmet needs."  

This survey is especially important, he added, because it's the library's first effort to collect this kind of input from the entire campus community. 

Email invitations went out beginning November 12 with the subject line "2023 U-M Library Survey." Links to the survey are specific to each recipient. All identifying information (such as email addresses) will be deleted from the data prior to analysis, and results will be reported in the aggregate — no participants will be identifiable. 

For most people, the survey will take ten minutes or less, according to Smith. Teaching and research faculty have additional questions to respond to and might need a little more time. Everyone completing the survey can enter a drawing for a chance to win one of 100 gift cards worth $30 each. 

“I encourage everyone to respond so that we can have the best possible understanding of the campus community's experiences, expectations, and needs as we make decisions to improve the library now and in the future,” said Lisa Carter, dean of libraries.


by Alan Piñon


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