Update on Library Search

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U-M Library Search launched in late July 2018, combining Mirlyn, ArticlesPlus, and Search Tools into a single discovery interface. Over the past academic year, much work has gone into providing functionality available in the previous interfaces, resolving bugs, and improving the overall user experience.

A New Acquisition: 天経或問 Tenkei wakumon, an early Japanese reprint of a Chinese astronomy text

Woodcut depicting orbits of the earth, the sun, and the moon, with the earth as the center, from 天経或問 (Japanese: Tenkei wakumon; Chinese: Tianjing huowen).  Tōkyō: 1730

The Special Collection Research Center recently acquired an early Japanese astronomy book titled 天経或問 (Japanese: Tenkei wakumon; Chinese: Tianjing huowen:"Questions and Answers on Astronomy"). Printed in 1730 in Tōkyō, it was a republication of a Chinese astronomy work supplemented with Japanese reading marks. Chinese Studies Librarian Liangyu Fu introduces us to this new acquisition.

The Victory Garden by Rhys Bowen

Cover of The Victory Garden by Rhys Bowen

Emily, a young woman from an upper-class British family during World War I, falls in love with Robbie, an Australian pilot, to her parents' disapproval. When he's sent back to the war, she enlists as a land girl, working on farms while the men are away at war. She is assigned to take care of the garden at the estate of a reclusive old woman, and there she discovers a mystery related to the previous inhabitant of the cottage where she lives.

Pride Month Fiction Recommendations 1/3

Pile of eight books on my desk

In honor of Pride Month I decided to do a series of fiction and film recommendation list to the blog to go along with the list of memoirs we posted last week. I’ve divided the books by basic genre and format starting with adult fiction, young adult fiction, and graphic novels this week. Next week will be sci-fi/fantasy, romance, and poetry/short story anthologies and the last week will be video media.


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