LABO Community Night

A few weeks ago I attended one of the Community Nights we have in the Shapiro Design Lab each week. At each event, a Design Lab staff member workshops an activity for the rest of the lab. In the past, these presentations have included everything from citizen science to meditation. On this particular night, Jeff had all of us work together to build Nintendo LABO toys.

Visual Thinking Workshop

Unlike some of my peers at the Design Lab and in the School of Information, I am not by default a very visually-oriented person when it comes to thinking, learning, or expressing myself. In order to engage with this perspective a bit more, I decided to attend a Visual Thinking Seminar facilitated by a UMSI alumnus, Katie McCurdy. Specifically, the seminar was about “drawing for meaning” -- drawing as a thinking aid, a problem solving strategy, and a communication style. This was referred to as...

The Design Lab Goes to the Science Fair

On February 7th, the Shapiro Design Lab and the University of Michigan Prosthetics Club participated in the Emerson School Science Fair. Emerson School is a private K-8 institution with a dedicated staff and over 150 students. The theme for the science fair was "Problem Solvers: Using the Design Thinking Process to Find Solutions for Everyday Problems." Of the 150 students, the majority of them participated in the Fair. Projects ranged from 3rd grade mechanical card dealers, to a...

Student Spotlight: Gloria Chun

What brought you to the Shapiro Design Lab? I actually came to the SDL in search for a new job after my work study job ended. I thought that I would make the most of losing my work study and find something that had less mundane activities and more interesting work. With a Mechanical Engineering degree, I thought I could perhaps apply my knowledge outside of the classroom and project groups. I came across the SDL application by word and applied! After an interview with Justin, I was hired! That...


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