Rebecca Anne Welzenbach

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Director, Strategic Integration and Partnerships


As Michigan Publishing's journals coordinator, I work closely with both the editors of scholarly journals (based here at UM and elsewhere) and with the publishing production team with Michigan Publishing. My responsibilities are to acquire new journal projects, to support our editors in getting their journals off the ground and keeping them on track going forward, and to keep an eye on the big picture of journal publishing within our organization, to ensure that this work happens as smoothly as possible. 

The Text Creation Partnership's primary objective is to produce standardized, digitally-encoded editions of early print books. Our work makes it possible for you to search the entire content of tens of thousands of books publishd between 1473 and 1700. We partner with libraries and commercial publishers to fund this work. My role with the TCP is to be the outward face of this project: to help scholars use the TCP in their work, to recruit new library partners, to maintain our website and social media presence, and to present on the work of the TCP at conferences and other events. 


I graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University, where I majored in English literature with minors in Hispanic studies and religious studies. I completed my MSI at UM's School of Information in 2009, concentrating in Archives and Records management. I have been working with the open access journals published by the library since 2009, and with the Text Creation Partnership since 2010. 

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