Jocilyn Wagner

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1 Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Staff, Monograph Receiving Unit Print Acquisitions Section Technical Services Division


Chiefly a copy-cataloging clerk in Technical Services, I utilize the Acquisitions and Cataloging modules of our Intergrated Library System software to arrive and process firm, approval and standing orders.   I have also recently been asked to assist with gift selection for the Spectrum Center's Jim Toy Library. I specialize in Chinese, Japanese and Korean materials (both print and non-print) processing where the material lies outside of what is usually purchased for the Asia Library.  Additionally, I am responsible for processing compact discs and DVDs for the Music Library, the Askwith Media Library and the Donald Hall Collection. For several years I have been the point person for processing English standing orders.  Finally, I often process comics and graphic novels for the Arts, Architecture and Engineering Library.  Away from my desk, I can often be found sorting incoming freight in the loading dock, sorting incoming mail and opening single-item or small package shipments for immediate processing.

I'm excited to be currently serving on the Library Diversity Council. In the past I have served on the Library Operations Green Team and Green Team Web Subcommittee, as well as the MLibrary Future Information Graduates Project/Initiative. 


This year I am concluding my coursework as a Masters of Library Science candidate at Wayne State University.  I hold degrees in English Literature and Japanese Language and Literature from Western Michigan University. During my time at Western, I participated in study abroad, focusing on Buddhist Studies at Taisho Daigaku in Tokyo.

Before coming to the University of Michigan I worked as a Clerk for Portage District Library, as well as a page for the Capital Area District Library.