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Head, Fine Arts Library


Hello! I am Deirdre Spencer,  Head of the Fine Arts Library at the University of Michigan, a position I have held for several years. I am responsible for planning and implementing Fine Arts Library programs, collections and services. These include reference and information, collection development, bibliographic instruction in the field of art history and visual culture, as well as services within the Fine Arts Library. I also serve as the departmental liaison to the History of Art Department, outreach librarian, exhibit curator and administrative head. I am happy to assist patrons in all areas of research in the history of art, visual culture, and related subjects, as well as use of the Fine Arts Library, its collections and services. 





My educational background and experience are in the history of art and architecture and related fields of study. I hold an A.B. in Art History from Indiana University focusing on 19th and 20th century painting; an M.A. in Art History from the University of Chicago concentrating  on the architecture of Georgian England and Gothic Revival architecture in Britain and the U.S.; an M.L.S. in Library and Information Science from Indiana University, specializing in academic art librarianship. I am A.B.D. in the History of Art  at the University of Michigan, specializing in African American imagery and class formation in the 19th century illustrated press. . 

In addition to the above, my research interests also include representations of African-American slavery in film, photography, and visual culture; the history, and representation of the African-American middle class; 19th and early 20th century American art and visual culture, and have included British landscape architecture, and Roman architecture, painting, and sculpture, including those of Roman Egypt.

A.B. History of Art;  M.A. History of Art ; M.L.S. Library and Information Science; A.B.D. History of Art 

Member -- ARLIS/NA

Listed -- Who's Who in American Art



As Head, Fine Arts Library,  my responsibilities include assisting patrons with reference queries, bibliographic  Instruction and general Information about the Fine Arts Library, its staffing, programs and  services. They also consist of planning for and delivery of programs and services and building the collection in the history of art on which our  services are based. In addition to reference and  collection development, I also serve as departmental liason  to the History of Art Department, outreach librarian, and administrative  head.