How to Apply for the Undergraduate Research Award


Applicants are required to complete an online application form by May 1st at 5pm eastern time, attaching:

  1. a copy of their final project (if the project is not "attachable," please email )
  2. personal essay of 750 to 1,000 words describing the library or archival research, literature review and resources used in preparing for or completing their research project (for group submissions, two or more members of the group must submit essays that identify their contribution and participation in the group project)
  3. and a bibliography of sources that supported the research;
  4. the name of a faculty member/sponsor who must separately submit a letter of support via this online form.
    If the applicant work is for a course-related project, the course instructor should be the faculty sponsor. If the work is for a job, volunteer project or some other non-course related project then a faculty advisor (professor, lecturer, graduate student instructor), work supervisor or some other appropriate mentor can supply the support of documentation.

Evaluation Criteria

Read more about our evaluation criteria (Word document).

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Last modified: 12/16/2013