Retired Faculty and Staff - Technology Support

There are a variety of technology support units on campus that support retired and emeritus faculty and staff. The Teaching and Technology Collaborative (TTC) provides a list of resources and contact information and as long as you retain a University of Michigan uniqname (or acquire a friend account), you can take advantage of many services. These include:

University Library Knowledge Navigation Center and Faculty Exploratory: The Knowledge Navigation Center consultants are available to retired faculty and staff and can help with a variety of topics including scanning, creating a website, or using EndNote or RefWorks for your continued research. The Faculty Exploratory also offers consulting on similar topics but is only open to faculty, including retired faculty. 

Information and Technology Services: Again, as long as you retain a University of Michigan uniqname (or acquire a friend account), you can take any non-credit computing course or arrange for one-on-one training. Note that there is a fee for these services. In addition, phone help is available at 764-HELP.

Digital Media Commons: Anyone with a uniqname is supported equally, so anyone can use CTools or UM.Lessons.

Language Resource Center: There is no change in privileges for retired or emeritus faculty, though a U of M uniqname is required to access online material, and an ID card is required to check out material. If a U of M account is lacking, guest accounts are available for access to basic services.

Computer Modifications: The Knox Center in the Shapiro Library serves as a resource on making monitors, keyboards, and mice easier to use. You can email the Knox Center staff at for more information or to set up one-on-one appointments to explore options, many of which are already built into Windows and Macintosh computers.


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