Michigan Digitization Project - Complete List of Resources

Below is a list of collected Michigan Digitization Project related news, documentation, publications, speeches, and interviews. Visit the HathiTrust Digital Library for access to the digitized materials.

Project Documentation:

Dec 2008 Project Workflow Chart version 3.0. December 4, 2008.
Dec 2007 MBooks records available via OAI (Open Archives Initiative)
Jun 2007 Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) "Partnership announced between CIC Libraries and Google." June 6, 2007.
Sep 2005 Instructional Handout: Google Book Search Tips. Last revised July 7, 2007.
Aug 2005 U-M Library/Google Digitization Partnership FAQ. August 2005.
Dec 2004 U-M University Library-Google Digitization Project: A Brief Overview. December 13, 2004.
no date U-M Library/Google Cooperative Agreement (also available as PDF)

News & Announcements:

June 2011 The University of Michigan will begin making orphan works available to users in the UM community through HathiTrust. From the press release: "Making these orphan works accessible to the U-M community will begin to unlock that large portion of the 20th-century scholarly and cultural digital record that is in copyright and unavailable because copyright holders cannot be found or contacted." The process will rely on the UM Library's Copyright Office's identification of orphan works. The first orphan works are expected to become available to the UM community by early October.
May 2011 The UM Library's Copyright Office has begun a serious effort to identify orphan works in HathiTrust. From the press release: "This first phase of the orphan works identification project will develop procedures that can eventually be used by other HathiTrust partner institutions to expedite a task that will ultimately require the hand-checking of millions of volumes." Further information and updates will be posted on the Library's Orphan Works Project page.
May 2009 On May 20, 2009, Google and University of Michigan signed an amended agreement that allows University of Michigan to take advantage of the settlement agreement Google signed with representatives of authors and publishers last year.
Oct 2008 The Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers (AAP), and Google announced on October 28, 2008 a groundbreaking settlement agreement on behalf of a broad class of authors and publishers that would expand online access to millions of in-copyright books and other written materials in the U.S. from the collections of a number of major U.S. libraries participating in Google Book Search. Information about the settlement agreement between Google and plaintiffs the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers. See also: University of Michigan FAQ on Settlement agreement between Google and plaintiffs, the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers
Sept 2008 The University Library is pleased to announce that MBooks -- the collection of books digitized from the University Library's collections -- will become part of HathiTrust on September 3, 2008. HathiTrust, launched by the CIC libraries, is a shared digital repository for storing university library digital content, incorporating all the content from MBooks plus new content from other HathiTrust partners. The UM community will now have access to books, journals, and other documents previously unavailable through MBooks. MBooks links in the Mirlyn Library Catalog will now be renamed "HathiTrust Digital Library". The options for viewing, printing, and creating collections will be the same as in MBooks. We hope that HathiTrust will improve access to materials for your teaching, research, and scholarship. If you have questions about the collections, please Ask a Librarian http://www.lib.umich.edu/ask-librarian.
July 2008 New features have been added to the MBooks system to allow users to create their own collections of MBooks items and view public collections created by others. Users can also do full text searching across all items within a collection. 
May 2008 [BLT] Blog for Library Technology is Library Information Technology’s new blog. [BLT] will be one channel for LIT to announce new technologies, tools, and services that we develop for the libraries.
April 2008 University of Michigan and Indiana University create a multi-institutional repository. See the Indiana University press release.
Feb 2008 The UM Library marked the occasion of its millionth book online. Read more about the millionth book.
Jan 2008 New guide available: Google Book Search Tips (pdf). Google Book Search will help you find books digitized in the Michigan Digitization Project (MBooks) and Google's partnerships with other libraries around the world. Our new guide provides tips for searching Google Book Search, including how to download full-text books, how to locate a physical copy of books that are only available in snippet view, and how to identify what volume and issue of a journal when it is unclear in your search results.
Jan 2008 Michigan Digitization Project (wikipedia entry)

Speeches, Interviews & Presentations:

Apr 2007 "A conversation with Perry Willett." The Library Cafe podcast, Vassar College. April 17, 2007.
December 2006 "A conversation with John Wilkin about the Michigan/Google digitization project." InfoWorld podcast. December 1, 2006.
Nov 2006 Farber, Phil; Chris Powell and Cory Snavely. "MBooks: Google Books Online at the University of Michigan Library." Digital Library Federation Forum, Boston MA, November 10, 2006.
Mar 2006 President Mary Sue Coleman. Scholarship and Libraries in Transition Symposium March 10, 2006.
Mar 2006 Scholarship and Libraries in Transition: A Dialogue about the Impacts of Mass Digitization Projects. Speakers include Barbara McFadden Allen (Committee on Institutional Cooperation), L. Suzanne BeDell (ProQuest Information and Learning), Mary Sue Coleman (University of Michigan), Paul Courant (University of Michigan), Nancy Davenport (Council on Library and Information Resources), Dan Greenstein (California Digital Library), Jean-Claude Guédon (Université de Montréal), James Hilton (University of Michigan), Bruce James (U.S. Government Printing Office), Brian Kahin (University of Michigan), Michael Keller (Stanford University), John King (University of Michigan), Clifford Lynch (Coalition for Networked Information), Ronald Milne (Oxford University), Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media), Josie Parker (Ann Arbor District Library), Karl Pohrt (Shaman Drum Bookshop), Mark Sandler (University of Michigan), Adam Smith (Google), Ed Tenner (Princeton University), Hal Varian (University of California, Berkeley), Alicia Wise (Publishers Licensing Society), Karin Wittenborg (University of Virginia), Ann Wolpert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Symposium held at the University of Michigan in March 10-11, 2006. Webcasts available.
Mar 2006 President Mary Sue Coleman. "Not Your Father's Space Race." Address to the National Press Club. March 7, 2006.
Feb 2006 President Mary Sue Coleman. "Google, the Khmer Rouge, and the Public Good." February 6, 2006.
Nov 2005 Blyberg, John. "John Wilkin talks Google Print and Digitization."blyberg.net November 11, 2005.
Jun 2005 Wilkin, John and Reginald Carr. "Google’s Library Digitization Project: Reports from Michigan and Oxford." June 15, 2005.

Published Articles by UM Faculty & Staff:

Dec 2006 Tengel, Brian. "How to use scanned books: Google Book Search not finished uploading." The Michigan Daily, December 1, 2006. Retrieved on 20 April 2007.
Dec 2006 Tigani, Tom. "University-Google digitization effort turns page toward future in book access." The University Record, December 4, 2006. Retrieved on 20 April 2007.
Aug 2006 Courant, Paul N. "Scholarship and Academic Libraries (and their kin) in the World of Google." First Monday, volume 11, number 8. August 2006.

Other Articles:

Apr 2007 Morath, Eric. "Google's scan of U-M library progresses ... quietly." The Detroit News. April 13, 2007.
Apr 2007 Townsend, Robert. "Google Books: What’s Not to Like?" AHA Today. April 30, 2007. Retrieved on 2 May 2007.
Feb 2007 Toobin, Jeffrey. "Google's Moon Shot: The quest for the universal library". The New Yorker. February 5, 2007.
Jan 2007 Crawford, Walt. "Book Searching: OCA/GBS Update." Cites and Insights. 7, Number 1: January 2007.
Dec 2006 Vaidhyanathan, Siva. "A Risky Gamble with Google." The Chronicle of Higher Education . December 2, 2006.
Oct 2006 Tennant, Roy. "Digital Libraries: Mass Digitization." Library Journal. October 15, 2006.
Sep 2006 Quint, Barbara. "Google Opens Public Domain Books for Downloading, Michigan Launches MBooks." Newsbreaks. September 5, 2006.
May 2006 Walker, Leslie. "Google's Goal: A Worldwide Web of Books." Washington Post, May 18, 2006; Page D01.
Mar 2006 "Mass Digitization: Implications for Information Policy Report from 'Scholarship and Libraries in Transition: A Dialogue about the Impacts of Mass Digitization Projects' Symposium held on March 10-11, 2006 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI." Washington DC: U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS), 2006.
Nov 2005 Manjoo, Farhad. "Throwing Google at the Book." Salon.com. November 9, 2005.
Oct 2005 Bailey, Charles W. "The Google Print Controversy: A Bibliography." Digital Koans. October 24, 2005.
Sep 2005 Vaidhyanathan, Siva. "Steal This Book." Interview on On the Media, NPR, September 30, 2005.
May/June 2005 Edwards, Andrew. "Google Goes to the Library." Fine Books and Collections Magazine. May/June 2005.
Dec 2004 Said, Carolyn. "Revolutionary chapter: Google's ambitious book-scanning plan seen as key shift in paper-based culture." San Francisco Chronicle. December 20, 2004.
Dec 2004 "Google to scan famous libraries." BBC News. December 14, 2004.
Dec 2004 "Google Announces Plans to Digitize Public Library Holdings." Morning Edition. NPR, December 14, 2004.

If you have questions about the project, please send them to mdp-help@umich.edu.


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