Library Facilities

Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library
913 S. University Avenue
2 Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
(734) 764-9365 (p)
(734) 936-2670 (f)

Here in Library Facilities we take care of your facility needs, including furniture, building upkeep, and mail and book delivery.  From coordinating building maintenance to planning full scale renovations, we are here to make sure that the Library remains a great place to learn and study.  We are the folks you see hauling furniture or carts full of books, and delivering the mail.  We’re also the folks you see hanging pictures, preparing spaces for painting and other minor renovations.  At the same time, we’re working behind the scenes, meeting with contractors and building engineers, always working to improve our facilities.

We always prefer to hear about a problem twice than not at all, so please alert us to any building issues that you see.


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