<< أهلاً بكم في موقع  << المخطوطات الاسلامية في جامعة ميشيغان

The site displays descriptive information for a selection of digitized manuscripts from the Islamic Manuscripts Collection at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The descriptions posted here were created during the course of a recent project to see the collection fully catalogued.

To view descriptions for manuscripts of interest, you may search or browse. To search, enter your keywords in the search box in the upper right corner. To browse, you may choose a sub-collection or text language under Categories, a subject under Tagcloud or even just the date of posting under Manuscripts Posted by Month.

With each manuscript description you will see two images. Click on either of these images to follow a link to the digitized version of the manuscript in the HathiTrust Digital Library. There you may view and even download the entire manuscript.

We continue to welcome any comments you might have on the manuscripts or their descriptions. Feel free to use the site's comment features to share any supplements (such as citations to published works, transcription of notes not yet addressed, authorial attribution for a particular text, etc.) or remarks on the significance of the manuscript codices and contents. See How to Submit Comments for more details. Any descriptive contributions will be recognized here on the site and in the online Library catalogue, Mirlyn, where descriptions for all manuscripts (digitized and not yet digitized) appear.

To view a listing of all digitized manuscripts, see the HathiTrust collection "Islamic Manuscripts (Michigan)"

To view a listing of all manuscript descriptions (digitized and not yet digitized) in Mirlyn click here.

For further advice on navigating the collection - including details on the collection (history, size, and scope), strategies for locating manuscripts of interest, instructions for viewing manuscripts in the Library, and advice on locating, viewing and downloading digitized manuscripts - see the collection research guide.

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