Library Courses

The University Library offers two courses, for credit, on perfecting your research skills. Taught by librarians, you will participate in hands-on computer exercises, group discussions, and more, designed to maximize your research activities in other courses.

For general information about these courses, see the LSA Course Guide, and register for the course in Wolverine Access. For specific questions about library courses, please contact Doreen Bradley (

UC 174: Digital Research: Critical Concepts & Strategies

Struggling with a research topic or paper? Want to gain useful skills to succeed at the University of Michigan and beyond? UC 174 is the course for you!  

In UC 174, you will learn:

  • Online search strategies and research tips to save time

  • Critical evaluation techniques

  • About tools for creating bibliographies

This one credit mini-course meets for 2 hours a week for 7 weeks. Open to first and second year students.


UC 270: Advanced Library Research in the Humanities

Interested in learning how digital tools can advance your research?  In UC 270, you will:

•  Think critically about digital media

•  Hone your research skills

•  Explore digital research methods such as mapping, charting, and visualization

•  Present your findings online

This is a one-credit interdisciplinary mini (6 week) course. No prerequisites are required. Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.



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