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Alphabetical Listing of Last Names Starting with the letter S

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Shaw-Smith, Laurie (734) 647-3696Media Services AssistantHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Steele, Alan (734) 763-9089Info Resources Assistant InterHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Stark, Alexandra (734) 647-4358Digital Education LibrarianConnected Scholarship
Smith, Alica (734) 936-3082Interlibrary Loan Borrowing SpecialistDocument Delivery
Sokol, Arielle (734) 764-7532Judaica Copy CatalogerInternational Studies
Snyder, Beth (734) 936-2349Technical Services Coordinator, Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies and Near Eastern Studies International Studies
Shipman, Barbara (734) 936-1398Informationist, Health Sciences LibraryTaubman Health Sciences Library
Skib, Bryan (734) 936-2366Associate University Librarian for CollectionsLibrary Administration
Shannon, Carol (734) 615-6168InformationistTaubman Health Sciences Library
Spencer, Deirdre (734) 764-5405Head, Fine Arts LibraryArts & Humanities
Shafer, Debra (734) 615-6478Permissions and Contracts EditorMichigan Publishing
Sombati, Denise (734) 763-1831Financial SpecialistFinance
Schmitt, Eleanor (734) 764-1434Multimedia ProducerDMC Media
Scott, Eliot (734) 615-7815Drupal DeveloperDesign & Discovery
Saran, Erik (734) 764-9361Staff, Print Cataloging Unit Technical Services - Print Cataloging
Settoducato, Elizabeth University Library AssociateUser Info & Discovery
Sortor, Eric (734) 764-9370Senior Budget Analyst Finance
Sayman, Feyza (734) 764-7532Turkish Studies Specialist International Studies
Stoll, Geoffrey (734) 763-9089Information Resources Manager - Hatcher/Shapiro and Buhr Shelving FacilityHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Shoecraft, Heather (734) 763-0420Information Resources Assistant SeniorTechnical Services - Electronic Resources and Database Management
Song, Jean (734) 936-1401Assistant Director, Research and Informatics, Taubman Health Sciences LibraryTaubman Health Sciences Library
Smith, Jacob (734) 936-2387Information Resources Assistant IntermediateOperations Support
Schell, Justin (734) 936-2371Learning Design SpecialistAcademic Tech Group
Sears, JoAnn (734) 936-2341Mathematics, Statistics (Mathematical), and Science LibrarianScience, Engineering, Clark Library and Research Data Services
Steverman, Joshua (734) 936-2321Applications DeveloperLibrary Systems
Smith, Judy (734) 936-1636InformationistTaubman Health Sciences Library
Saylor, Kate (734) 936-1394Health Sciences InformationistTaubman Health Sciences Library
Sommers, Kathleen (734) 763-3426Information Resources Cataloging Specialist, Electronic Resource CatalogingTechnical Services - Electronic Resources and Database Management
Sippell, Kelly (734) 764-4447English as a Second Language DirectorPublishing Editorial
Stratton, Karin (734) 936-1409Informationist AssociateTaubman Health Sciences Library
Stuart, Kenyon (734) 763-0420Staff, Electronic Resource Access UnitTechnical Services - Electronic Resources and Database Management
Stuchell, Lance (734) 615-2686Digital Preservation LibrarianPreservation/Conservation
Scott, Mark (734) 936-3156North Campus Facilities ManagerFacilities
Stewart, Melissa (734) 764-8016Senior Administrative Assistant, HathiTrustHathiTrust
Sitar, Meghan (734) 647-7128 Director of Connected ScholarshipConnected Scholarship
Suzuki, Mari (734) 936-2358Japanese Language Materials LibrarianAsia Library
Scholtz, Nicole (734) 936-2932Spatial and Numeric Data LibrarianScience, Engineering, Clark Library and Research Data Services
Scott, Patricia (734) 763-8838Budget Analyst, Library OperationsFinance
Stewart, Paul (734) 647-7300Emerging Technologies Integration SpecialistDMC Emerging Technologies Group
Schaffner, Paul (734) 647-1824E-text and TCP production manager, DLPSDigital Library Production Service
Schrader, Richard (734) 764-2546Human Resources Generalist SrHuman Resources
Stegmeyer, Randal (734) 647-9989 Digital Library Production Service
Strode, Rujinart (734) 763-2343Staff, Materials Control Unit, Print Cataloging Section, Technical Services DivisionTechnical Services - Print Acquisitions
Schnitzer, Anna Ercoli (734) 936-1402Disability Issues and Outreach Librarian, Taubman Health Sciences LibraryTaubman Health Sciences Library
Slavens, Cara (734) 764-5361Media Services AssociateHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Stachnik, Charlene (734) 764-0467Museums Library On-Site SupervisorMuseums
Stanko, Theresa (734) 764-7493Learning & Teaching/Reference Office/Administrative Asst. IntermediateLearning Programs & Inititatives
Streasick, Timothy (734) 647-5736Info. Resources Assistant Sr.AAEL Access Services
Smith, Sunny (734) 647-3278Information Resources Associate SeniorDocument Delivery
Syrigos, Panagis (734) 615-6174Systems Administrator IntermediateArchitecture and Engineering
Stratikis, Frank (734) 764-0413Information Resources Assistant AssociateHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Slater, Walter (734) 647-8894Associate Librarian and Cataloger, Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies; Tutor II, Department of Near Eastern StudiesInternational Studies
Sung, Yunah (734) 764-0413Korean Studies Librarian & Coordinator, Asia Library Technical ServicesAsia Library
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Last modified: 05/24/2016