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Alphabetical Listing of Last Names Starting with the letter M

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MacEachern, Mark (734) 936-1397InformationistTaubman Health Sciences Library
MacKintosh, Pamela (734) 647-3690Coordinator, Shapiro Library Reference ServicesUser Info & Discovery
Maddix, Rachel (734) 647-5744Info Resources Assistant SeniorHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Malott, Forest (734) 615-5434Digital Media Support SpecialistDMC Emerging Technologies Group
Mani, Nandita (734) 615-1516Assistant Director, Academic & Clinical Engagement, Taubman Health Sciences Library, University LibraryTaubman Health Sciences Library
Manning, Shaun (734) 763-0163Academic Marketing ManagerPublishing Marketing and Outreach
Marceau, Kellen (734) 764-7491Access Services AssistantOperations Support
Marroni, Michael (734) 764-0413Information Resources Assistant IntermediateHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Martin, Jeffrey (734) 936-2344Librarian for South Asian Studies and AnthropologyInternational Studies
Martin, Scott (734) 764-8196Biological Sciences LibrarianScience, Engineering, Clark Library and Research Data Services
Maslowski, Eric (734) 615-9699Director, Creative Applications. Co-Director, Digital Media CommonsDMC 3D Lab
Masters, Chase (734) 615-1452Enabling Technologies InformationistTaubman Health Sciences Library
May, Branden (734) 764-0295Health Sciences Remote Shelving Facility Student CoordinatorDocument Delivery
Mbabu, Loyd (734) 764-7289Librarian for African StudiesInternational Studies
McAtee, Michael (734) 615-7340Information Resources Assistant IntermediateDocument Delivery
McFolley, Sheila (734) 764-0401Access Services SupervisorHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
McGlone, Jonathan (734) 763-4260Front End Developer and UI DesignerPublishing Technology
McIntyre, Robert (734) 763-2244Digital Asset Management ConsultantDigital Library Production Service
McIntyre, Sandra (734) 764-8016 HathiTrust
McKillop, Steven (734) 936-2401Staff, Materials Control Unit, Print Cataloging Section,Technical Services DivisionTechnical Services - Electronic Resources and Database Management
McLean, Michael (734) 764-5362Circulation SupervisorHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
McLoone, Juli (734) 936-1048Outreach Librarian & Curator, Special Collections LibrarySpecial Collections
McWhinnie, Dennis (734) 763-0420Information Resource Associate SeniorTechnical Services - Electronic Resources and Database Management
Mersereau, Jacques (734) 647-6336Video Studio Managing ProducerDMC Studios
Mickler-Konz, Carla (734) 936-0396Senior Budget AnalystFinance
Mihalik, Jessica (734) 763-0569User Information Services SpecialistUser Info Services
Mooney, Hailey (734) 763-1630Librarian for Psychology & SociologySocial Sciences
Moore (Hunter), Molly (734) 647-5741Info Resources Assistant SeniorAAEL Access Services
Moreno, Shannon (734) 763-9089Information Resources Assistant SeniorHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Morris, Jamie (734) 763-4839Head, Serial Receiving Unit Print Acquisitions Section Technical Services DivisionTechnical Services - Print Acquisitions
Morris, Mary (734) 615-7876Public Information Specialist, Communications and MarketingCommunications and Marketing
Morse, Catherine (734) 936-2333Government Information, Law and Political Science LibrarianScience, Engineering, Clark Library and Research Data Services
Morse, Jeremy (734) 615-9450Director of Publishing TechnologyPublishing Technology
Mosley, Michelle (734) 936-3147Administrative Assistant SeniorLibrary Administration
Motylinski, Thomas (734) 764-7490Information Resources Assistant IntermediateHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Moussa, Nancy (734) 936-0393Web DeveloperDesign & Discovery
Muchnik, Irina (734) 936-4387Slavic CatalogerInternational Studies
Mueller, Ellen (734) 936-2403Head, Print CatalogingTechnical Services - Print Cataloging
Mueller, Michael (734) 764-5282Bindery Preparations Processor (IRA II)Preservation/Conservation
Munson, Tashia (734) 764-7491Access Services Outreach LibraraianHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Musolff, Meghan (734) 647-5978Program Manager for Library IT Services, Training, and AssessmentDesign & Discovery
Mustard, Elizabeth (734) 763-0420Electronic Access Unit,Electronic Resources & Database Mgmt.Technical Services - Electronic Resources and Database Management
Myerowitz, Beth (734) 763-2299Info Resources Inter SupervisorOperations Support
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Last modified: 05/24/2016