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Alphabetical Listing of Last Names Starting with the letter R

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Radine, Glenda (734) 764-5319Digital Media Arts Librarian, Digital Media CommonsDMC Studios
Rana, Gurpreet (734) 936-1399Global Health Coordinator, Taubman Health Sciences LibraryTaubman Health Sciences Library
Ransom, Charles (734) 764-7522Multicultural Studies LibrarianSocial Sciences
Raughley, Lynne (734) 764-6338Communications DirectorCommunications and Marketing
Reiman-Sendi, Karen (734) 615-3958Director, User Information & Discovery ServicesUser Info & Discovery
Reister, Kathi (734) 763-0606Gallery Coordinator/Events SupportDuderstadt Events
Rennells, Kevin (734) 763-1526Senior Copyediting CoordinatorPublishing Operations
Rivera, Alex (734) 764-7037Student Enrichment and Community Outreach LibrarianLearning Programs
Robinson, Neil (734) 764-9361Assoc. Librarian, Print Cataloging UnitTechnical Services - Print Cataloging
Rodgers, Jonathan (734) 764-7555Librarian for Near Eastern StudiesInternational Studies
Rosenzweig, Merle (734) 936-1402Informationist, Taubman Health Sciences LibrariesTaubman Health Sciences Library
Rosic, Marija (734) 764-9361 Catalagor, print catalogingTechnical Services - Print Cataloging
Rothman, Jonathan (734) 936-2321Head, Library Systems OfficeLibrary Systems
Rotter, Ryan (734) 615-0067Systems Programmer/Analyst IntermediateCore Services
Rowley, Linda (734) 647-9083Administrative Assistant I, University PressFinance
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