Sample images from University of Michigan Library's Digital Collections.

Sample images from University of Michigan Library's Digital Collections.

Digital Library Production Service (DLPS)

913 South University Avenue (Hatcher North)
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
(734) 764-8074 (p)
(734) 647-6897 (f)

We contribute in a variety of ways to the highly collaborative effort of building digital libraries. Digital collections are the most publicly visible product of our work.

Explore the Library's Digital Collections:  

  • U-M Library Digital Collections: Delve into over 260 collections of images, texts, and more from libraries and museums across campus and the region.

  • Deep Blue: Discover the output of U-M’s rich intellectual community in the institutional repository or make contributions of your own.

  • HathiTrust: Search the full text of over 11 million digitized items including more than 4.5 million books scanned at U-M.

  • Mirlyn & Search Tools: The library’s catalog and website help you find digital collections as well.

  • Online Exhibits: Tour the highlights of library collections via curated online exhibits.


Whether you need our services or just want advice, we can point you in the right direction or guide you along the way; our digitization project workflow is your place to start if you want to:

We also:

  • Develop digital library software: We build, with others, stable, scalable, sustainable systems to serve the library and its partnerships; examples are HathiTrustDLXS, and Deep Blue.

  • Create digital preservation solutions: We are actively engaged in the process of defining, adopting, and carrying out best practices; we contributed to the definition of, for instance, HathiTrust’s Digital Preservation Policy.

  • Encode texts: We have a great deal of expertise which we are happy to share; the Text Creation Partnership and Making of America are great examples of our work in this area.

  • Support digital video: We help to support the use of the campus-wide MiVideo solution.

Send comments and questions to DLPS Help.


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