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Computing at the Library


Users will be able to access publicly available computers in the Libraries in one of two ways:

  • Using a UM login with uniqname and umich password, for access to all library resources and full access to the Internet
  • Using a Guest login on selected guest computers for access to many library resources, with no access to anonymous email sites

How can I get a UM uniqname and password?

Most UM faculty, staff and students are assigned a uniqname and password when they join the University. If you are not sure if you have one, or don't know what it is, Library staff can help you check the MCommunity directory to see if a uniqname is listed for you. If there is no uniqname listed, you can contact the ITS (Information & Technology Services) Service Center.

Temporary staff, visiting scholars and other guests of the University may be eligible for a uniqname and umich password. Users should contact the administrator in the UM department with which they are affiliated about obtaining a uniqname. The UM department can then contact the Accounts Office on the user's behalf. Visitors who are not eligible for a uniqname can use selected guest access computers in the libraries. The ITS Service Center is also available to assist with computing accounts, uniqnames, passwords, printing allocations and billing inquiries.

Wireless Access

MWireless access in the libraries requires a uniqname and umich password. Visitors may use MGuest WiFi. Please note that wireless access, even in the libraries, is considered as off-campus access. To connect to online library resources with your laptop, you must log into your UM account. There is no wireless guest access to online library resources.


Printing from publicly available computers is charged based on user type:

  • UM Login: UM authenticated users are charged against their University Basic Computing Package printing allocation (up to $24 of free printing per semester for students). Please note that for faculty and staff printing in the Libraries, their UM departments must make arrangements with ITS for a 50-page printing allocation. prior to printing documents.
  • Guest Login: Print jobs will be directed to a specific guest printer, where a guest copy card must be used to pay for printing. This is the same card used for public copiers and microform printers throughout the Library. Guest printing from Library computers costs 6 cents per page.

Other options for students: Students who are doing departmental work may contact their department's administrator to obtain funds to cover their work-related printing and may purchase a guest copy card to supplement their course printing costs if they do not wish to pay through their student account. Copies/print-outs still cost 6 cents per impression.

UM students, staff and faculty are encouraged to use their own laptops (connecting via MWireless) and then sending print jobs to library-located printers via MPrint, the University's web-based printing service. This service allows one to print from their computer to any networked campus printer.

How can I get a guest copy card?

See Copy Services


For UM students, staff and faculty, refund requests for poor quality print jobs are made via ITS' MPrint Refund Request form. We currently cannot provide printing/copying refunds for guest copy card users.

How can I avoid or reduce printing charges?

Most library resources can be accessed remotely from computers in campus offices, dorm rooms, and private residences. There is no cost to access these resources, just a charge for printing on the library's public printers. You can print the information you seek on your personal printer at no cost. 

Alternatives to printing

When using a computer within the library, you can often email the search results to yourself. You may also save to your own external USB device. You can then access the file in electronic format and read it from your computer or print it off on your personal printer later. UM students can save files to M+Box or Google Drive space. Please note: library and campus computers do not allow printing from USB devices because you cannot be charged for printing via that method.

Check before printing

Often blank pages will be included at the end of printouts from websites and the library's online resources, so check the number of pages in your print job prior to printing by using the Print Preview function in your program or application. Using print preview and printing only the page range necessary can eliminate the additional pages.

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