Fines, Charges, Recalls

The fine policy for overdue materials is set by the Regents of the University of Michigan for all libraries in the University Library System. Fines are payable by check, cash, Visa or MasterCard at the Hatcher Graduate Library or the Shapiro Undergraduate Library; Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted at the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library. All fines accumulate regardless of whether the library is open or closed. Unpaid fines may result in financial holds on student accounts. Borrowers who keep items more than 30 days overdue will have their borrowing privileges blocked. 

Overdue fines for reserve items are $1.00 per hour overdue for ALL library borrowers.

Overdue fines for Askwith Media Library items are $5.00 per day for student borrowers.

Overdue recall fines are $2.00 per day, per item for student borrowers. When you receive a recall notice be sure to check for a new due date and return by the new due date to avoid a fine.

Fines are assessed for every day (or hour, for Reserves) an item is overdue, regardless of whether the library is open or closed during the overdue period.

Returned check fee: $15.

All categories of fines are strictly enforced.





Minimum for items not returned.

This varies by library.



replacement cost (or $100 default) + $50 processing fee



  • Recalls occur when another user requests an item that is already checked out.
  • When a book is recalled the borrower will receive a recall notice via e-mail.
  • The recalled book is now due on the date listed in the Mirlyn account.
  • Recalled items should be returned directly to a circulation desk, or to a library drop box if the library is closed.
  • Borrowing privileges are suspended if a recalled item is not returned by the new recall due date and a fine of $2.00 per day per item is assessed to student borrowers who do not return a recalled book by the new date. There is no grace period.
  • Library policy forbids releasing information about what other borrowers have charged out.

Overdue Materials

Borrowing privileges will be suspended if regular circulating materials are kept for 30 days or more beyond their due date, or if a recalled item is one day overdue. Privileges will be restored only after the items have been returned. Students with long overdue materials will receive a Financial Hold on their Wolverine Access account for the replacement and processing costs of these materials.

Lost books

Individuals who lose a book will be charged a processing fee of $50 plus the cost of the book and any applicable fines.

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