A New Treasure Trove Arrives At Special Collections!

Poster for the exhibit,  for A New Treasure Trove Arrives at the Special Collections Library

We are very pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibit at the Special Collections Library. The display showcases recent acquisitions that strengthen our extraordinary holdings in the areas of radical literature, transportation history, film, rare books, culinary history, Islamic manuscripts, children's literature, and Judaica.

Staff Favorites for Children's Book Week

Logo: Children's Book Week. Coast to Coast, Cover to Cover

The audience for children’s literature goes far beyond ages 2-12. The words and images of these books linger in our minds long after we’ve outgrown the suggested age ranges. Below are a few favorite children’s books from the staff of the Special Collections Library, featuring titles present in our Children’s Literature Collection. Celebrate Children’s Book Week with one of these suggestions, or share your own best-loved books in the comments!

Shakespeare’s Life after Death: The Ireland Shakespeare Forgeries

Forgery by William Henry Ireland, purporting to be a self-portrait of Shakespeare

The exhibit Shakespeare on Page and Stage: A Celebration (Audubon Room, January 11-April 27, 2016) showcases both the textual and performance history of Shakespeare’s plays. This post looks at a particularly dramatic instance of Shakespeare forgery in the late eighteenth century. William Henry Ireland, the son of publisher and Shakespeare collector Samuel Ireland. Samuel and William Henry Ireland had a relationship that was strained at best, and as a young man, William Henry wished desperately...

2016: 400 Years of the Death of Cervantes

Portrait of Miguel de Cervantes by William Kent, copperplate engraving, in Vida y hechos del ingenioso don Quixote de la Mancha (Londres: J. y R. Tonson, 1738)

A day like today, on April 22 , Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra died in Madrid four hundred years ago. To commemorate this date, I have revisited our collection of early editions of Cervantes's works, selecting for this post the eighteenth-century edition of Don Quixote that played a major role to canonize Cervantes as a global literary figure.

Upcoming Workshop| Lead to Pixels: Setting the G gathering of the Hamlet Second Quarto

Hamlet, Second Quarto, 1604. Folger Shelfmark: STC 22276

Please join Rebecca Chung (UMSI), Fritz Swanson (Wolverine Press), and Justin Schell (Shapiro Design Lab), for conversation about the Wolverine Press's edition of a famous sheet of paper: the G gathering from the Q2 (second quarto) of Hamlet, which includes Hamlet’s “To be, or not to be” speech, his repudiation of Ophelia with “Get thee a Nunry,” and his speech to the players, “sute the action to the word.”


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