Love Your Data Week: Keep Your Data Organized

The Oxford English Dictionary defines organized as: “Of a person: having one's affairs in order so as to be able to deal with them efficiently.” When you spend the best hours of your day doing research and working with data, it makes sense to be organized so you can use your time as efficiently as possible. One of the methods for maintaining an organized research life is by developing a data management plan (DMP).

Love Your Data Week: Keep Your Data Safe

Welcome to our series of Love Your Data Week posts! Each day this week, in connection with the Love Your Data campaign on social media, a UM librarian will be blogging about a different data-related topic, sharing personal anecdotes and tips that you can use to improve your own research data practices. To kick things off, we're writing today about data safety.

Lucrezia Tornabuoni de' Medici

Cover of Lucrezia Tornabuoni de' Medici

Lucrezia Tornabuoni de' Medici is the biography of an extraordinary Renaissance woman, the mother of Lorenzo de' Medici, ruler of Florence in the fifteenth century. Lucrezia was a skilled businesswoman who influenced the policies of both her husband and her son, as well as being a poet and a patron of the arts. She was closely acquainted with some of the greatest Renaissance artists, including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

People of the Library: Alexandra Stark

Picture of Alexandra Stark

People of the Library is an ongoing series brought to you by a group of students called the Michigan Library Engagement Collaborative. They will interview library staff as well as the students, faculty and community members who use our Library. Our first interview is with Alexandra Stark.

Frogger Board Game

Frogger board game cover

We got a donation earlier this month with a number of older game gems, including Frogger the Board Game. The inside bears quite a resemblance to the video game screen that most of us are familiar with. We also got a number of Atari 5200 and Atari Lynx games in the donation, several with really interesting covers.


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