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Practical Relevance Ranking for 11 Million Books

Relevance weight vs. term occurrences

Relevance is a complex concept which reflects aspects of a query, a document, and the user as well as contextual factors. Relevance involves many factors such as the user's preferences, task, stage in their information-seeking, domain knowledge, intent, and the context of a particular search. Tom Burton-West, one of the HathiTrust developers, has been working on practical relevance ranking for all the volumes in HathiTrust for a number of years.

Material Conversations

Materials Library

Please join us for the inaugural event in a new series we're calling "Material Conversations." The event will begin with a presentation on selecting the newest and coolest materials by a curator from Material ConneXion, an international library of advanced and innovative materials. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion about materials at Michigan featuring professors from art, architecture and engineering fields. All to be followed by a reception.

Imageworks database of visual media

Check out the Imageworks online database of visual media. All of the CD-Roms, Stock Image CDs, DVDs, and video tapes in the collection are listed here to make searching and browsing items more convenient. The collection includes documentaries about artists, performances, art technique demos and more.

Exhibition Opening: "Pearls of Wisdom"

Pearls of Wisdom : The Arts of Islam at the University of Michigan

Don't miss "Pearls of Wisdom : The Arts of Islam at the University of Michigan," on display October 15th - December 21st at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology! This exhibition features a number of items from the Special Collections Library, including manuscripts from our Islamic Manuscripts Collection and a couple of magic bowls from our Historic Scientific Instrument Collection.

Top Games Played in the CVGA in September

FIFA 15 for Xbox 360

Here is our list of most popular games during the month of September. Xbox 360 in clearly still more popular than Xbox One, although one of the Xbox One's games did top out the list. FIFA games of every flavor dominate the list with four entries, and I'm sure the newly acquired FIFA 15 will make an appearance next month. That's right: as of yesterday we have FIFA 15.

Robin Williams and "Popeye": Comedic Mumblings Worthy of Another Look

Invitation to the premiere of the film Popeye (1980)

Nestled in the nearly 800 boxes that comprise the Robert Altman Archive here at the University of Michigan’s Special Collections Library is a treasure trove of materials from his 1980 film Popeye, which featured Robin Williams as the mumbling, spinach eating sailor. Over the last two months since the unexpected passing of Williams, numerous magazines, websites and blogs have paid tribute to the departed comic genius. Chief among them is Eric Spitnagel’s piece for Vanity Fair’s Hollywood...


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