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University of Michigan faculty may grant proxy borrowing privileges to individuals by completing the form below.

Borrowing by proxy is intended to provide borrowing privileges to individuals working for or with a University of Michigan faculty member who has a permanent teaching appointment. The proxy borrowing card is issued only upon authorization of the faculty member. Although the proxy carries the library card, the sponsoring faculty member is wholly responsible for all materials borrowed in his or her name on the proxy card. All notices and correspondence will be addressed to the faculty member.

The faculty member assumes full responsibility for the use made of the card. These responsibilities include:

  • Prompt communication with the proxy regarding all notices and correspondence
  • Return or renewal of books by the due date
  • Immediate return of books that are recalled for use by other borrowers
  • Payment for all library materials that may be lost while charged to the proxy
  • Written notification if a proxy is to be revoked or cancelled before the expiry date

The sponsoring faculty member's borrowing privileges, as well as the proxy's, will be suspended if the proxy card becomes delinquent.

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Last modified: 10/14/2015