#FunnyAsHAIL Wellness Evening with Magician Eric Jones

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Thursday, April 1, 2021 from 10:00pm - 11:15pm



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Get ready for this #FunnyAsHAIL wellness break with The Magic of Eric Jones. Prepare to be amazed as he shares his life-changing pandemic story and takes us on an exciting journey navigating this year's racial political challenges as a showman in today’s climate. This wellness break is free and open to all UM students, staff and faculty. Register with the link above!

From his start performing simple coin tricks on the streets of Philly, to America’s Got Talent (Semi-Finalist), Penn and Teller (he beat them), and Masters of Illusion, Eric did it all with a few coins and these brilliantly crafted routines. Eric teaches methods, nuances and theory for creating magic that resonates deeply with the people watching it. He gives you coin magic that, for the first time ever, translates as well on stage as it does in person. Whether it’s an audience of 1 person or 1 million, he teaches the skills required to take your coin magic to a level you never thought.

#FunnyAsHAIL is sponsored by the student organizations Here Earning a Destiny (H.E.A.D.S) and Support for Incoming Black Students (S.I.B.S.) along with U-M Library and in partnership with the My Brothers Empowerment Series.


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