Café Shapiro with Guest Hosts from Funny or Die

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021 from 12:00am - 1:30am

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 from 12:00am - 1:30am



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SeriesCafé Shapiro

Students, nominated by their instructors, read their own poems and short stories. The quality is high! For many student writers, Café Shapiro is a first opportunity to read publicly from their creative work. For others, it provides a fresh audience, and the ability to experience the work of students they may not encounter in writing classes. Join our celebrity hosts as they introduce our student readers. Get more info about our hosts and our student presenters.

March 1


  • Guest Hosts from Funny Or Die/LA Scene/NPR/Ghost Writer — Mike Farah and Joe Farrell
  • U-M Alumnus — Chris Farah
  • Librarians — Naomi Binnie and Jesus Espinoza


  • Meghan Chou (short story), senior
  • Aelita Klausmeier (poetry), sophomore
  • Erika Woo (poetry), senior
  • Alex Aisner (op-ed), freshman
  • Nicole Tooley (poetry), sophomore
  • Eli Neumann (poetry), junior
  • Dylan Gilbert (poetry), senior
  • Malin Andersson (poetry), junior
  • Madeline Bacolor (poetry), senior
  • Andrew Warrick (fiction), senior

March 2


  • Guest Hosts from Funny Or Die/LA Scene/NPR/Ghost Writer — Mike Farah and Joe Farrell
  • U-M Alumna — Bridget Bodnar
  • Librarians — Angie Oehrli and Amanda Peters


  • Hayley Yu (fiction), senior
  • Nayiri Sagherian (fiction), sophomore
  • Tess Klygis (short poems), freshman
  • Lily Price (fiction), freshman
  • Ellie Katz (creative nonfiction essay)
  • Jee-In Kwon (poetry)
  • Sabrina Nash (fiction)
  • Harper Klotz (poetry)
  • Kellie M. Beck (fiction or poetry?)
  • Carly Cooper (short screenplay)


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